About Us

Our goal is to bring you the most flavourful cup of coffee we can, accompanied by some of the Valleys freshest food. We want to create a place where you can gather with friends and family after a day of hiking in the mountains, or being out on the water.
By sourcing in-season coffee beans from exceptional producers around the world and roasting it right here in downtown Courtenay, we ensure our coffee will exceed your standards. We support local, and that means opting for quality over price, and ethics over ease. When our only option is to buy our green coffee from other countries, we are sure to go to the small, independent family-run farms, and support local the world over. Buying from the smallest farms means the largest impact, buying organic and sustainable means a healthy earth, and roasting them in the valley means fresh coffee!

Est. 1993

Our Food

Courtenay famous! Our breakfast and lunch menu is full of healthy, delicious choices that cater to everyone. We offer a plethora of vegetarian and gluten free options as well as all the tasty classics with a twist. By working with local producers, we can choose the best and the freshest, and the expert preparation by our fantastic chefs is enough to make your mouth water.

Fruit and Granola $9

A healthy serving of house-made granola, Vanilla Greek yogurt and fresh fruit drizzled with jam and honey

Sweetheart Pancakes $11

Three large white chocolate chip pancakes topped with strawberry compote and Vanilla whip cream.

Funky Monkey Toast $13

Our funky twist on an old classic. Two slices of Frenched banana nut bread, topped with caramelized bananas. Served with two eggs done your way and real Maple syrup.

West Coast Bagel $12

Double sided Grains multigrain bagel toasted and spread with lemon-caper cream cheese topped with fresh arugula, smoked salmon lox and fire roasted peppers, finished with lemon zest.

Our kitchen is equipped for our menu, modifications to certain items may take extra time to prepare.


All bennies are served with two eggs and pan fries. You may take away or add an egg, just ask!

Classic Benny $11

Nothing beats a classic! Grilled ham on a toasted English muffin.

The Comox $13

A toasted croissant, lemon caper cream cheese, arugula, salmon lox and fire roasted peppers.

Rhodos Blackstone $13

A vegetarian twist on a classic. House-made quinoa cakes, Capriny goat cheese, grilled tomatoes and fresh arugula.

Rhodos Rancheros $13

Our handmade black bean and zucchini patty topped with warm Pico de Gallo and draped in our mildly spicy cilantro hollandaise.

Salmon Point $14

Our house made salmon cakes topped with fresh spinach and garlic grilled tomatoes.

El Diablo $13

Our house-made quinoa cakes topped with spicy candied pear, tomatoes and caffeinated peppers all cloaked in a spicy chipotle hollandaise

The Falafel $13

A chickpea patty made in house topped with fire roasted peppers, grilled mango and finished with a curry hollandaise.

The BBQ Pulled Pork $14

House-made cornbread mounted with our smoked pulled pork, pickled jalapenos, fire roasted peppers and caramelized onions all tossed in our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce and draped in chipotle holly.


All omelettes are Gluten Free and are made with 3 eggs, served with butter crisp pan fries and toast or sub a Gluten Free English muffin for $1.50

The Rhodos Omelette $12

Caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, ham and mixed cheese.

Veggie-Full $12

Caramelized onions, red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and Capriny goat cheese.

The Andouille Egg Taco $13

Spicy Andouille sausage, house-made Pico de Gallo, mixed cheddar cheese finished with a dollop of sour cream.

Add a side of fresh cut fruit for $5.00
Add a side of bacon, ham or sausage for $4.50


All skillets are served with your choice of toast, and our house-made jam.

Montreal $15

A breakfast style poutine of butter-crisp pan fries, Montreal smoked beef and Natural Pastures cheese curds drizzled with hollandaise and topped with a sunny up egg.

Mississippi $14

Caramelized onions, tomatoes and spicy Andouille sausage in our own Jambalaya sauce served over butter crisp pan fries and topped with a medium poached egg and goat cheese.

The Pulled Pork $14

Our very own smoked Pulled Pork in a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, caramelized onions and red peppers, served over pan fries and topped with a medium poached egg in chipotle hollandaise.

Add an egg to any of our skillets for $1.25


All sandwiches served with a cup of our daily soup or a mixed green salad. Upgrade to Mulligatawny or Chowder for $3.75 Weekday soup and sandwich special for $11.50 – Ask your server for details!

The Gourmet BLTC $12

Candied bacon, mixed cheese and creamy brie with fresh tomato and arugula all between asiago skirted multigrain bread.

Focaccia Chicken Club $13

Caffeinated chicken, smoked mozza and our candied bacon with fresh tomato, arugula and garlic aioli on a grilled focaccia wedge.

Happy Chicken Croissant $12

A refreshing combination of chicken, pear and goat cheese tossed in a garlic aioli and piled over fresh tomato and pea shoots on a butter croissant.

Take it B-Z Burger $14

Our famous Ranchero patty, black bean and zucchini, stacked with goat cheese, tomato and pea shoots with guacamole on a garlic grilled Kaiser.

The Reuben $12

Garlic grilled, marbled rye, beefed up and piled high with Montreal smoked meat, swiss cheese, sauerkraut and our honey Dijon spread finished with a sliced dill pickle.

Smokehouse Beef Dip $13

Our house smoked shaved beef and horseradish aioli on a garlic grilled mini French loaf, served with red wine jus.

Pulled Pork Sandwich $14

Our signature house smoked, braised and pulled pork smothered in our sweet and tangy BBQ sauce piled on a grilled Portuguese bun with garlic aioli, arugula and fresh, crisp cucumber and pear.

Falafel Fusion Burger $14

Our house made chickpea patty with fire roasted peppers, grilled pear, cucumber and pea shoots with curry aioli on a garlic grilled Kaiser. *Vegan without aioli*

Soup and Salad

All soups and salads are served with a garlic focaccia wedge. Gluten Free option available.

Soup du Jour Cup: $5
Bowl: $7
Terrine: $9

Chef's Choice! Made fresh daily!

Mulligatawny Bowl: $7
Terrine: $10

Curried bliss in a bowl loaded with fresh veggies, seasoned chicken and Basmati rice.

Pacific Shores Chowder Bowl: $8
Terrine: $11

A perfect seafood medley of shrimp, scallops, clams and smoked salmon in a creamy potato chowder.

The Avo-COBB-o Salad $14

Oven roasted chicken breast, candied bacon, avocado and a hard-boiled egg with fresh veggies and a mozza-cheddar blend over mixed greens. Served with creamy avocado dressing.

Roasted Beet Salad $12

Citrus roasted beets and red onion served atop mixed greens and finished with toasted pecans and Capriny goat cheese. Served with our citrus vinaigrette.

Chipotle Chicken Taco Salad $14

Mixed greens, red onion, tomatoes, mixed cheese and our house made mango salsa topped with Chipotle seasoned grilled chicken and roasted red peppers, sour cream and guacamole, finished with a drizzle of mildly spicy chipotle aioli.

Our Coffee

We roast small batches of high quality, ethically sourced beans right here in downtown Courtenay. Vancouver Island is our home and has inspired us from day one to respect nature and community. This influence on our style of business means patience and care is taken to ensure that our product is sourced from farms that are sustainable, and benefit the regions they are grown in. We take pride in selecting the most flavourful coffees, starting by finding the most unique flavours from each region and working to make sure that our beans have a positive impact on the world, from the farmers home, to your cup!

Once we have found beans that meet our criteria, the next step is to create blends that highlight the best qualities of each bean. Roasting in small batches helps to create consistency and full flavours.

Because we are so picky about quality, there are times in the year when certain beans are unavailable, and are substituted with similar flavour profiles. It means a small variation in flavour, but a consistency in quality and ethics that we are proud of!

Our Blends

Milano Medium

This blend of three subtropical beans is roasted medium and creates a smooth and full bodied espresso. The earthy notes of Papua New Guinea are complimented by the honeyed flavor of Sumatra, with Brazil providing a gentle acidity to finish off the flavour!

Best use: Milano medium is great in your espresso, this blend creates a soft and smooth taste that brings the worlds jungles into your kitchen.

Afternoon Delight

A Rhodos signature blend of light and dark roasts. Costa Ricas well balanced flavor and aroma serves as an excellent backdrop for Sumatras earthy chocolate notes. Roasted in two batches, once dark to provide a heavy body and to bring out the natural oils of the beans, and once medium to preserve caffeine and rich rounded acids, this combination creates a flavour profile unlike any other.

Best use: Excellent as drip or French pressed coffee. Complex and well balanced with no bitter overtones.

Dancing Bear

Sumatras rich heavy body and low acidity provide the platform for this full bodied dark roast. Brazil introduces a nutty and sweet taste that is complimented by Costa Ricas spicy aroma. These beans are roasted until they are a light dark and covered in a sheen of natural oils.

Best use: As your go-to drip coffee at home. The rich taste and herbal notes will start your day right!

Contact Us

#103 364 8th Street
Courtenay, British Columbia
Phone: 250-338-5592
Email: info@rhodoscoffee.com

Monday-Friday: 7:00am-5:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am-4:00pm
Menu until 3:00pm, Coffee until closing

Our Packaging

Not only is all of our packaging compostable, but all the artwork you see on our bags was created by Vancouver Island artists who have the same passion for coffee and the great outdoors that we do. If you love the island, coffee, and are interested in our project, feel free to contact us with your portfolio.

Become a Client

If you have already tried our coffee and love it like we do, then you should know that we offer our blends wholesale and you can become a client. Its simple! Let us know what you like and how much you want and we will do the rest. We offer delivery with a smile around the Valley and can accommodate small offices or large companies. Fill in the form below or contact us directly.

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