Our Coffee

We roast small batches of high quality, ethically sourced beans right here in downtown Courtenay. Vancouver Island is our home and has inspired us from day one to respect nature and community. This influence on our style of business means patience and care is taken to ensure that our product is sourced from farms that are sustainable, and benefit the regions they are grown in. We take pride in selecting the most flavourful coffees, starting by finding the most unique flavours from each region and working to make sure that our beans have a positive impact on the world, from the farmers home, to your cup!

Once we have found beans that meet our criteria, the next step is to create blends that highlight the best qualities of each bean. Roasting in small batches helps to create consistency and full flavours.

Because we are so picky about quality, there are times in the year when certain beans are unavailable, and are substituted with similar flavour profiles. It means a small variation in flavour, but a consistency in quality and ethics that we are proud of!

Our Blends


Milano Medium

This blend of three subtropical beans is roasted medium and creates a smooth and full bodied espresso. The earthy notes of Papua New Guinea are complimented by the honeyed flavor of Sumatra, with Brazil providing a gentle acidity to finish off the flavour!

Best use: Milano medium is great in your espresso, this blend creates a soft and smooth taste that brings the worlds jungles into your kitchen.

Italian Roast

Our classic espresso blend! The solid base flavour of Brazil beans set the backdrop for the sweetness of Sumatra and the vibrancy of Costa Rica. It all comes together as a well rounded traditional cup!

Best use: Perfect for espresso, Aeropress or the dark roast enthusiasts drip. Very bold flavour.

Afternoon Delight

A Rhodos signature blend of light and dark roasts. Costa Ricas well balanced flavor and aroma serves as an excellent backdrop for Sumatras earthy chocolate notes. Roasted in two batches, once dark to provide a heavy body and to bring out the natural oils of the beans, and once medium to preserve caffeine and rich rounded acids, this combination creates a flavour profile unlike any other.

Best use: Excellent as drip or French pressed coffee. Complex and well balanced with no bitter overtones.

Dancing Bear

Sumatras rich heavy body and low acidity provide the platform for this full bodied dark roast. Brazil introduces a nutty and sweet taste that is complimented by Costa Ricas spicy aroma. These beans are roasted until they are a light dark and covered in a sheen of natural oils.

Best use: As your go-to drip coffee at home. The rich taste and herbal notes will start your day right!

Deep Dark Decaf

Revel in the earthy tones of the Peruvian jungle! This organic single origin decaf is smooth, tasty and roasted dark for your enjoyment! Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water process, this 100% organic coffee brings a lot of flavour to the table.

Best use: As your go-to decaf drip coffee. The well-rounded flavour will please without the lasting buzz!